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Maiden Name Full Name Born Died Grave Location

Sutherland, Judith Anne (nee Brown) 1949 2007 13-8

Wife of Bob Sutherland

Vassiloff, Audrey J. (nee Brown) 1927 1995 22-18

Wife of Pete Vassiloff


Hofman, Agnes Amelia (nee Bumstead) 1919 1992 I-55

Wife of Gelt Hofman


Lang, Susan (nee Burnie) 1807 1886 II-33

Wife of William Lang


Ceasar, Marion (nee Buzza) 1905 1995 VI-5

Wife of Harold Ceasar

Day, Hannah (nee Buzza) 1890 II-54

First wife of Charles Day

Edwards, Pauline Alma (nee Buzza) 1927 2005 VI-7

Daughter of James & Pauline Buzza

Johann, Helen Agnes (nee Buzza) 1923 2008 19-10

Wife of Morley Johann

McArthur, Mary Ann (nee Buzza) 1861 1943 III-33

Wife of Dugald McArthur

McNeil, Nancy Jane (nee Buzza) 1854 1932 III-25

Wife of Walter McNeil


McLean, Rosemary (nee Calvin) 1932 2011 12-9

Wife of Edmund McLean


Alexander, Charlotte Emma (nee Cameron) 1841 (New Brunswick) 1923 I-13

Wife of Richard Alexander

Day, Emma (nee Cameron) 1864 1948 II-54

Second wife of Charles Day

Fraser, Isabella (nee Cameron) 1840 1913 II-7

Wife of Thomas Fraser

Graham, Helen (nee Cameron) 1901 1988 VI-15

Wife of John Graham

McKeen, Maude Armstrong (nee Cameron) 1909 1972 II-52

Wife of Frank McKeen

McNeil, Frances Ann (nee Cameron) 1849 1920 V-30

Wife of Neil McNeil


Walter, Florence Eileen (nee Carnahan) 1927 2004 II-57

Wife of Richard Walter

Williams, Margaret G (nee Carnahan) 1909 2004 23-34

Wife of Percy Williams


Hickson, Frances Carolyn (nee Cathrae) 1931 2002 19-27

Wife of Ralph Hickson


Salway, Mabel Olive (nee Caudle) 1915 1992 III-67

Wife of Lawrence Salway


McKay, Jennie (nee Chadwick) 1862 1932 V-17

Wife of Hugh McKay


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